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June 2022 Newsletter

The June 2022 issue provides information on our team applications, a logical puzzle, a coding activity in Python, and many scholarship opportunities.
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January 2022 Newsletter

Our New Year Recap issue includes features of some of our largest events, mini-games, scholarship opportunities, and more.
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Women's History Month Series

In celebration of WHM, we released a series of Instagram posts thanking pioneering female scientists and mathematicians, like Rosalind Franklin and Emmy Noether.
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event highlight: STEAM WEEK

Last winter Superposition Fremont hosted STEAM Week, a 5-day event full of workshops, accomplished guest speakers, and opportunities for the community to gain valuable exposure in any STEAM field! Our event was created to represent every STEAM subject on a certain day: Monday Science, Tuesday Technology, Wednesday Engineering, Thursday Art, and Friday Math. Gaining a total of 200+ registrants and 40+ participants per day, we are glad to say STEAM Week was a success! Watch our recordings here.

event highlight: Terris Challenge

In August 2021, Superposition Fremont held its first international STEM challenge, which had 300+ sign-ups from 20+ locations ranging from all over the United States, India, Korea, UK, Brazil, UAE, Czech Republic, and more. Our team raised $1500, hosted 12 workshops, had mentors and college panelists from top universities, had judges from Google and more, and secured 15 sponsors to have this incredibly successful STEM-athon! Check out our challenge website here.

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