The Superposition Fremont Team works hard to put together events that raise awareness of women in STEM and inspire young girls. They work collaboratively as a unit and in specialized teams to bring every event from idea to life.


Our chapter leads, who direct the entire team

Ashita Singh, co-founder

Besides planning to major in a STEM field, Ashita is committed to bringing about positive change in her community.

Jade Wang, co-founder

Jade is an aspiring computer science major who hopes to help other girls like herself pursue a career in STEM.

Tech Team

The team that handles anything related to technology

Meryl Mathew, Director

I'm Meryl and I'm endlessly curious. I love innovation, technological discovery, and loads of books in my free time. My goal is to bridge STEM, creativity, and logic to create ideas for the future.

Charlotte Jen, Member

A freshman in high school, Charlotte is extremely passionate about computer science. Driven by her love for coding, she wishes to help other young women learn and explore STEM.

Joyce Chen, Member

Joyce is a high school junior passionate about social activism and womxn empowerment in STEM. She also absolutely adores Studio Ghibli films.

Ruth Lu, Member

Ruth is a junior in high school who loves learning more about STEM and encouraging others to do so as well. Birds are her favorite animals.

Vani Pethuraj, Member

Hey I'm Vani, I'm amazing, talented, beautiful, and humble. I am part of the tech team and I enjoy coding and playing sports in my free time. Web development is my favorite and something I'm good at.

Logistics Team

The team that handles all the logistics

Grace Zhen, Director

While exploring the different fields of STEM, Grace is interested helping out and making a difference where she can.

Kunjal Purohit, Member

Kunjal is passionate about nature and helping others. She wants to bridge the STEM gap by creating a positive impact on her community.

Darcy Chew, Member

Darcy is a junior at American High School. Since elementary school, she’s attended a variety of coding classes, which sparked her interest in STEM. She hopes to help young girls to explore STEM.


The team that handles sponsorships, partnerships, and finances

Rhea Shah, Director

Rhea plans on majoring in Computer Science and hopes to provide educational workshops and networking opportunities to girls in STEM through Superposition.

Komal Purohit, Director

Komal hopes to inspire women not only to pursue the STEM path but also to demonstrate that the future of STEM can have anyone pursuing their passion.

Aditi Chaurasia, Member

Hello! I’m a member of the logistics team here at Superposition Fremont; in my free time, you can find me hiking or bullet journaling!

Megha Govindu, Member

Megha Govindu is currently a junior whose passions lie in the intersection of technology and social impact in the healthcare space.

Shalini Sundar, Member

Hello, I am Shalini, a junior at American High School. I am an aspiring STEM major and during my free time I like to dance and code.

Sreshta Yelisetti, Member

Hi! My name is Sreshta Yelisetti and I’m a freshman at American High School. My interests are reading, painting, gardening, and baking and I’m thinking of pursuing a career in the medical field.

Outreach Team

The team that handles publicizing

Alicia Li, Co-Director

A high school junior, Alicia loves chemistry and plans to study pharmaceutical sciences so she can potentially make a difference in others' lives.

Charmaine Lui, Co-Director

A junior currently enrolled at American High School, Charmaine is an aspiring aerospace engineer who loves to do all sorts of artsy things like graphic design and doodling in her free time.

Katie Chung, Member

Katie is a high school freshman planning to major in biology. She hopes to help others realize their passion for STEM while exploring her own.

Cassandra Zhou, Member

Cassandra is a high school student with an interest in computer science, management, design, and everything in between. In her free time, she loves drawing, working with people, cats, and camping.

Monica Shieh, Member

Monica enjoys art and design and is excited to merge these interests with learning more about STEM.

Diana He, Member

Diana is an upcoming junior at Washington High School who is interested in STEM and computer science, and enjoys graphic design in her free time.

Manasvi Gondi, Member

Hi! My name is Manasvi Gondi and I'm currently a junior American High School. I'm a part of the Outreach Team, and I love to do graphic design and marketing.

Janie Kuang, Member

Janie Kuang is a high school student at American High School. She is interested in computer science, engineering, and business administration.

Tiffany Li, Member

As a current junior in high school, Tiffany is passionate about business and tech, hoping to use her skills to bridge the gender gap in STEM.

Angelina Li, Member

Hi, I'm Angelina! Although I'm mainly interested in legal studies, empowering women in STEM is extremely important to me.